Online language learning

Building proficiency in a non-native language is an artistic delight. Driven by passionate multi-lingual translators and interpreters, Phenix Language Solutions understands the passion behind your determination to not just learn, but explore and master a foreign language.

PL Solutions offers a range of online training programs that help you steer forward in your linguistic and language expedition. Our training is determined by international best practices, where we guide people – students, travellers, corporates or even passionate language learners - learn a foreign language contextually, and not just from a content perspective.

Our focus:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary and Pronunciation
  • Intonation and Expression
  • Cultural Nuances
  • Dialect Differentiation

All our online sessions are one-on-one modules to provide the best language learning experience. We employ scenario-based concepts and cultural understanding to ensure our students do not just learn a language from a subjective perspective, but contextually, which helps them speak the language with native fluency.


  • Focus on defined syllabus provided by an academic organisation
  • Guidance in academic submissions, such as essay writing, creative writing, journals and papers, etc.
  • Contextual learning of the language for a holistic learning experience.

Language Integrated Programs for Education Institutions

It has been scientifically proven that children who learn many languages early on equip children with multi-tasking skills and also benefit them with greater attention spans. As we grow more global, many educational institutions are incorporating multiple foreign language options for students to choose and learn, thus opening up more career options for them.

At Phenix Language Solutions, we assist schools, colleges and vocational institutions with a comprehensive curriculum in contextual and holistic language learning programs. Our programs are available in short, medium and long term course modules that can easily be integrated into a curriculum pattern.

Our trained language teachers can add immense value to your institution in teaching students as well as training language teachers in integrated language learning programs.

Professionals & Individuals

  • Fully customised course module across Basic, Intermediary & Advanced levels depending on the requirement.
  • Coaching based on an academic syllabus for those appearing for language proficiency certifications.
  • Visa and Immigration applicants.
  • Those passionate to learn the language, without a certification.


  • Fully customised group and individual training modules for specific communication purposes.
  • Region/ dialect-specific training to empower business conversations.

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