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Our Quality Management Model

Phenix Lingual Solutions is among the best translation companies in India. We provide translation services for a multitude of projects as shown below to name a few. To view the entire gamut of our services across industries, please click here.

  • Documents
  • Books & marketing material, brochures, itineraries, etc.
  • Research papers, manuals, journals, articles, etc.
  • Software
  • Video captions and sub-titles.
  • Audio interpretation and translation to text & audio.
  • Blueprints
  • Medical translation services.
  • Certificates
  • Conferences and meetings.

Every project goes through a strictly regimental process that ensures you are provided with unmatched high-quality translated work. From a literary or technical or medical translator to a language interpreter, our process includes a thorough drill-down as illustrated below:

Interpretation-Powered Translation

Even though translation and interpretation are spoken in the same breath, interpretation has a higher role to play in ensuring high-quality translation. Our linguistic experts understand the language in its native spoken form and interpret it with accuracy to ensure that the meaning is not lost in translation.

Our interpreters transpose within context and translate culturally-specific phrases, idioms, etc. by preserving the original meaning, without the colloquialism losing its essence, thus ensuring the translation maintains our high standards of perfection.

Our interpretation services are highly valued across corporates and for creative projects that require the most apt interpretation of an emotion and colloquial idiom without its essence lost in translation. We also provide immediate and consecutive interpretations for seminars, negotiations, conferences, meetings, delegations, etc. across the world, apart from our interpretation services in India.

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